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Trouva x Kalinko

Trouva x Kalinko

We've teamed up with Trouva to bring you a rather snazzy little offering.

These ice buckets in three exclusive colourways will go on sale on 29th October at

Collaborating with a handpicked selection of up-and-coming brands which focus on craftsmanship, Trouva Exclusives offers customers limited runs of products that they won't find anywhere else.

For their third exclusive, they chose us, and together we've come up with these three beauties. 
Trouva Ice Buckets


Available exclusively at Trouva on 29th October.


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See the Ice Buckets being made


And if you can't wait until 29th...

Shop our classic ice buckets now.


Kalinko Ice Buckets in brown grey and white

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