The IDEAl Tray

The IDEAl Tray

IDEA Woodsmith x Kalinko

This perfect little console tray comes from the very talented IDEA Woodsmith workshop in Yangon. Specifically, it comes from an old building in Yangon. There was a time when most of the houses in Yangon were made of teak. Inevitably, most of these have now been pulled down and replaced by concrete and aluminium. However, thanks to IDEA, life doesn't end on the scrap heap for these planks. Since 1999, they have been scooping them up and turning them into beautiful furniture.

These trays are made around the planks. They celebrate the knots and inconsistencies. The carpenters have used an old Japanese tradition called "shou sugi ban" to burn the teak. The black finish brings out the natural variation in the wood, but also makes them resistant to water.

This is great news, as it makes them perfect friends for our marble collection. They'll work beautifully in the kitchen or bathroom, or on the hall table for your keys and a candle.

An old piece of teak which has been repurposed, reimagined and is ready to be re-loved. 


Idea Woodsmith Workshop

Woodplaning gif

Idea Workshop

Black charred console tray


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