The Hidden Motifs in our Wall Art

The Hidden Motifs in our Wall Art

Asho Design (diamonds with 4 internal diamonds)

The four diamonds represent the four states of the north, south, east and west of Chin state. It is from the Asho ethnic group. Traditionally, a bride will weave a blanket with this motif and gift it to their groom. The blanket signifies her faithfulness, love and admiration, and the couple will sleep beneath this blanket throughout their marriage.

Nine Diamonds Pattern

The nine diamonds represent tribal islands and the border patterns surrounding the diamonds represent the constellation of stars. The whole is a depiction of the universe in which they and their fellow tribesmen live. It tells of how they live harmoniously with their surroundings and universe.

Jasmine Motif

There is a Khami tradition of women gathering in groups on moon-lit nights to collect night-blooming jasmine flowers. They thread them together into crowns and wear them. Women often weave this tradition into their textiles.

Lotus Flower Motif

The lotus flower motif is usually used in Khami women’s shawls. When a daughter in a Khami family gets married, her mother gives her a traditional woven textile as a wedding gift. The lotus flower is the key design used in these wedding gifts as lotus symbolises the beauty and good character of a girl.


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