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Kalinko Living: Picnic Picks

Kalinko Living: Picnic Picks

Picnic Scene
So we've got all the holders for the rosé, ice buckets, cushions, pretty glassware, napkins...(perks of the job!) but what about the venue, what to eat, and what to read while you're propped up at your picnic?
Picnic Venue
Somewhere that feels on the edge of the world, but is actually quite easy to get to. My personal favourite is this spot on the West Coast of Scotland, on top of a cliff hanging over the sea (...but not too far from home, and with a well-trodden path, so you can legitimately take lots of unnecessary bumph up with you).
Potted Shrimps
The original and the best: Baxter's Potted Shrimps. Highly un-millennial, high in saturated fats and salt, and the favourite of the over 75s...and me. Stockpile them in the freezer, and by the time you get to the top of the hill they'll be defrosted and cool and perfect. Save your pomegranates for the yoga side of your life, and indulge in the good stuff.
The Shipping News
While we're on the nautical theme, The Shipping News is an extraordinary read. If you're the type who underlines bits in books, you'll get through a whole pencil. This is the story of a man who writes the Shipping News on the Newfoundland Coast. Not a letter is wasted. If you like words, it's a real treat. Serve with Potted Shrimps and sea air. 
Happy Picnicking!

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