Meet Motley

Meet Motley

Kindred Club Free Gift - July/August 2021

Motley is a disrupter jewellery brand which is setting new standards for design, fairness and sustainability in an industry as old as time. 

Co-founders Cecily and Ilana met in a university lecture about witchcraft, and boy have they cooked up a spellbinding potion. Cecily came from the jewellery world, Ilana from management consultancy, and together they are set to transform and dominate the jewellery world. 

The premise is simple: jewellery designed by the world’s best designers, sold at fair (and accessible) prices. 

And the theory is brilliant: they give designers free rein over the design process and managing production and covering upfront costs in house, while paying them way above industry standards for royalties and design fees.

Oh, and the jewellery is awesome.


Siblings and Cousins in our Kindred Club...

A little Motley gem is coming your way if you checkout in July (good timing...our long-awaited container is due in very, very soon). Head over to the Kindred Club to find out more.


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