Meet By Ruby

Meet By Ruby

Kindred Club Free Gift - September 2021

By Ruby make completely delicious home-cooked food and deliver it to your door. And when I say delicious, I really mean it. These guys don't mess around. They use the freshest, local produce all from ethical suppliers, and make it all in their kitchen in small batches, exactly as you would at home.

Three years ago, my sister had a baby and I sent her their New Parent Bundle. This is what she said:

"Soph, By Ruby is blowing my mind. They are so delicious. Ready meals usually all taste the same. These are amazing."

This is freezer food like you've never known before. Think fish pie with the right amount of butter. Miso ramen which tastes like it came straight off a Japanese food stall. Delish fish with salsa verde, hearty shepherd's pie, and beef bourguignon which will warm all of your cockles. There's something for everyone, and you know that it has been made with sustainably sourced products.  

And the good news? There's a £30 voucher to spend at By Ruby coming to any Kindred Club Cousins and Siblings who check out at Kalinko in September.

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Siblings and Cousins in our Kindred Club...

Buy something from Kalinko this month and we'll pop a £30 By Ruby voucher in with your order.





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