Introducing The Downtown Teak Collection

Introducing The Downtown Teak Collection

This is a new collection that celebrates three ideas close to our heart:

1 - homegrown, sustainable, reclaimed materials

2 - timeless design

3 - IDEA Woodsmith, an extremely skilled carpentry workshop from Burma

Based in Yangon, IDEA Woodsmith have been turning teak salvaged from demolished buildings in Burma into beautiful handmade furniture since 1999, using traditional, intricate joinery techniques.

The material is the key to this collection: a tropical timber native to South East Asia. A beautiful dark and rich hardwood with a distinct smooth finish that was once highly prolific in homes across the region, and born in Burma’s forests: home to nearly half the world’s naturally occurring teak.

It's a small, two-piece collection, because there's only so much reclaimed teak to go around, both parts emblazoned with a signature, statement chevron design.

The console table is designed to made to give life to otherwise uninhabited places: hallowed hallways and elegant entrances. The side table is ready to hold books and ritual totems in bedrooms and living rooms. Simple shapes, a glossy finish, subtle storage and undeniably Burmese roots.

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