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Inside Kalinko Homes: Miriam Cooper

Inside Kalinko Homes: Miriam Cooper

Want to know one of the best parts of Kalinko?

You guys!

Honestly, our customers make our day, every day. In the Kalinko office, we obviously live and breathe the brand all day long. But when our customers tell us they love what we do, little fireworks go off in our brains and we get all jittery on our very smart teak chairs. 

So every now and then we want to turn the spotlight on the people without whom Kalinko would not exist. The people who enable us to do what we do. The people whose support means we can support all of our makers.

It's time to tell some more of our customers' stories.

We haven't done anything fancy: we've let these guys tell their stories, from their homes, using their phones. No fancy equipment. No celebs. Just real customers who love our stuff and love what we do. 

Meet Miriam.


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