Home Truths: The Home Bar

Home Truths: The Home Bar

Well hello there spring! We weren’t expecting you so soon, but you are VERY welcome.

To celebrate, and in the spirit of the spring clean, the spring in our step, and springing into action, we’re ticking a key home improvement off our list: building our Home Bar.

Kalinko Bar Accessories

There is absolutely nothing superfluous or unnecessary about devoting at best a whole room, or at the very least an empty corner into a drinks den. In fact, we think it’s pretty essential.

So we’ve put together some styling ideas to get your mixers flowing and help your bar spring to life...

One | The Classic

The Classic Bar


If you’re into simplicity, a pair of backless traditional stools, some floating shelves and chic glassware is all you need.

Two | Retro Chic

The Retro Chic Bar

Or for more of a statement, go for the Austin Powers look. Seek out some retro cushioned stools, a 50s cocktail barand some glamorous wall cabinets. Oh, and probably some glacé cherries and mini drinks umbrellas.

Three | The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse Bar

Or go all out and bring the pub home. A few Windsor Back bar stools, the right lighting and a rustic wooden bar top will have your pals slamming tankards and singing Irish ditties before you can say two pints o’ Guinness.

Four | The Hidden Bar

The Hidden Bar by A&A Architects

Now this is classy. Your very own speakeasy. Just an average kitchen cupboard by day, cocktail delight by night. This hidden bar is designed by our clever friends at A&A Architects, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Combine some simple carpentry with clever use of glass and mirrors and your secret recipes will be ready for sampling.

Five | The Efficient Bar

The Efficient Bar

And if you’re short on space, but long on spirits, our Butler’s Tray could be your very own Jeeves. All you need is a some floor space wide enough for it and you’re ready to rumble. Serve with our impossibly chic hand blown glasses, and lace with an ice bucket.


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