Give a Gift from Warmer Climes

Give a Gift from Warmer Climes

None of us have been able to travel very far this year, and everyone's desperate for a little bit of sun.

Well, we've got a nice compromise for you.

Give something that has come from a place where the afternoon shadows are dappled and warm.

Where the coldest days in December will give you caramel cheeks.

Where the closest you get to a shiver is the shimmer of the moon on the sparkling sea. 

   Every order comes with a copy of our newspaper, The Yangon Post, which the lucky recipient can curl up with and escape to the sun. 
Sunset and Placemats
Minshin Knives and Dawei Village
Banana Plant
Tumblers and Beach Seller
Kaya Placemat and Dawei Adventure




The Yangon Post

This is the newspaper which will come with your order, and take whoever you give it to far, far away in their minds...



Yangon Post

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