Kalinko Living: Autumn Essentials

Kalinko Living: Autumn Essentials

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In Burma, we have two seasons: Rainy Season (June to October) and Dry Season (November to May). And while the tropical storms are on a par with the finale of the Bodyguard in the excitement stakes, we do miss the subtle changing of the seasons back home. We’re hearing reports of the first brisk chill in the air, the keenest leaves already underfoot and a sharp increase in the number of meals now being eaten from a bowl – Autumn is coming. And thanks to the longest, hottest Summer on record, we're ready for it. Here's what we're up to:


ONE | Autumn Cleaning

Spring seems to have cornered the market on the cleaning front, but not in our household. We love a good Autumn clear out. Bikinis, summer frocks and sandals, outdoor cushions and picnic rugs are going into hibernation until the Spring. In their place we’re piling up chunky knits, polishing our winter boots and digging out extra blankets for the sofa ready for box-set season. All very satisfying. And for the pro-Autumn cleaners among you – let us introduce you to our new favourite gadget – a vac-pack machine! Hey presto – you have double the room in your Rangoon Storage Chest!

Rangoon Storage Box

TWO | Cleansing

Whilst we’re on the topic of clearing out, we’ve been treating our skin to a deep clean with a difference. All-natural skincare brand Sister & Co. is working wonders at eradicating the evidence of one too many long lunches in the sun. Made using 100% natural and organic ingredients and with none of the usual jargon that comes with skincare, this brand is right up our street. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, Sister & Co.'s founder, Sophie, has just released a book of recipes for skincare products that you can make at home.  

Sister & Co.

THREE | Cooking up some Cosy

Soup, soup, glorious soup – and anything else you can eat from a bowl. Preferably on the sofa. Autumn is the season for hearty, comforting soups and stews using that delicious sun-ripened late Summer harvest. We’ve just signed up to Oddbox, a veg box delivery company that sources all the wonky veg that supermarkets won’t take. Sustainable, affordable delicious veg, delivered to your door. What’s not to like?

Cosy Autumn Food

FOUR | A bit of Culture

And while we are all for nesting at home, it is the London Design Festival this week, one of of our favourite weeks of the year. Vitsoe’s A Sense of Belongings exhibition has caught our attention. It explores our emotional attachment to man-made objects - what makes a particular trinket so treasured? For obvious reasons, this is a subject very close to our hearts…!

London Design Festival

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Oriel Rogers-Coltman
Oriel Rogers-Coltman

I like the sound of Sophie’s cleanser. Please could Sophie send me the name and contact details of your PR man – we talked about him at Sunday’s lovely lunch party.

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