An Ode To Golden Hour

An Ode To Golden Hour

You’ve probably heard us wax lyrical about Yangon’s light. We feel like we must do it some sort of poetic justice, because when you see it, it’s hard not to tell everyone about it. It was one of our favourite parts about living in Burma, and it’s something we truly miss. Golden Hour is a very specific time of day in Yangon (between 5-6pm), when the light turns from yellow to a golden, honeyed sky. Kalinko’s founder Sophie reminisces about this magical time of day in Yangon, and if you’re lucky enough to be there, how to make the most of it.

Watch or join in a game of Chinlone in the setting sun.

This is Burma’s national sport, and is a bit like keepy-uppy. Read more about it here. Dresscode: just a pasoe, hoiked up and tucked in to allow full limb flexibility.

Go for a trishaw ride

And watch downtown hum into the evening. You can travel from one side of town to the other for about a pound. Tip your driver a little bit extra, and ask him to take you down the side streets to watch the street sellers packing up for the day, and the night-food stalls prepping for their first customers.

Sit at the docks and watch the rush-hour traffic.

The villages on the other side aren’t very developed, so everything is bought on the north side of the river and goes over in the boats. You often see loos and basins being hauled in between the passengers, or a pile of tyres balancing on the front as the outboard splutters under the weight of its load.


Le Planteur

Or if you’re in need of a breather...

or a break from the buzz, go for a sundowner at Le Planteur on the banks of Inya Lake. And if you’re feeling flush, stay for dinner. Mouth-watering, with eye-watering prices. Enjoy!


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