From Sophie: A quick note on Black Friday...

From Sophie: A quick note on Black Friday...

You may have noticed from our Instagram that Burma is not a very black place.

In fact, it's one of the most colourful places in the world, full of the most wonderful. colourful people. 

These people make our products. For lots of them, we are the only people paying them a fair amount for their work, and giving them a market beyond Burma. 

We want to give them as MANY orders as possible to keep them in skilled, well-paid work, rather than unskilled, under-paid farming. 

So when it comes to Black Friday, we're in a different camp to most small businesses. Lots "say no" to Black Friday, eschewing it for its promotion of careless consumerism and wastefulness. 

But our priority is putting in more orders with our makers, and growing the business so we can continue to do so in the long term.

And if new customers need an incentive to buy for the first time, that's fine by us. We just need more products in more homes to spread the word.

We also only sell products which should last a lifetime, and that are made from sustainable materials. No careless consumerism round here...

So we will be doing a Black Friday sale. It's optional! Obviously we love people that pay full price. They will help us grow the business as quickly as possible so that our impact in Burma is as big as it can be.

But we're into humans, and human nature loves a discount.

And our makers need more orders, so we'll do whatever we can to help you fill your homes with their beautiful things.

Buy to give back. Choose a home with stories. 

See you there xx

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