A Breakfast Ritual Proven (by us!) to Improve Your Day

A Breakfast Ritual Proven (by us!) to Improve Your Day

You know those days when you wake up and the sun is peeking through your curtains, all you can hear is the birds singing outside, and you lie there for a little while feeling really calm? When you get up and you like the way your face looks in the mirror, and your hair looks just right, and once you're up and dressed you think YESSS today is a good day. 

Then your coffee smells better than usual and the first mouthful of your breakfast turns out to be exactly what you feel like.  

Well, we want to help your mornings feel like this every day. And the good news is...we've got the answer.

It's placemats.

Stick with us here.

As one of our wonderful customers put it the other day (hello Zanna!) as part of an ode to her Kaya Placemats, "isn't breakfast such a sacred time of day, when you let it be?"

And she's right. Something as simple as a beautiful placemat, which takes maybe 2 seconds to unroll and put on the table, makes breakfast suddenly feel a little bit spoiling. Tiny ritual. Massive difference to how you start your day.

These ones are made from cotton and bamboo on an old-fashioned wooden loom in a place called Bago, an hour north-east of Yangon. The pattern is traditional Burmese, but they feel wonderfully contemporary on the kitchen table. They come in a set of 4, and in 6 colours.

Give your breakfast a little something...

Kaya Placemats



Placemats on the Loom

Placemats on the Loom

Zanna's Breakfast

Zanna's Breakfast


Yes, you're right, I need some of those placemats...

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