Support the Weavers

Weaver at work in Chin State, Myanmar
Our weavers are exceptionally talented. Their pattern knowledge and weaving technique has been learned and honed over centuries, and the complicated tucks and pulls of the yarn are second nature to them. However, with the rise of cheaper factory-churned fabrics, these expert artisans need support.  A dropping demand for the handmade is forcing them off their looms and out into the fields, or into domestic service to supplement their incomes.  It's sadly common to find weaving workshops where only two or three crafters are at work, and lines of old, disused looms which have slipped into disrepair are gathering dust.
We would like to help our weavers go back to doing what they do best, and become full-time weavers again, with enough income to support their families and time to invest in the next generation.  
Weaver at work in Chin State, Myanmar
We will therefore use proceeds from our jacket sales to buy new looms, yarns and weaving equipment for the community, and to help support their livelihoods, giving them time to train their successors, and keep their traditional skills alive.
Kalinko Jackets