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An update // The Makers of Burma

An update // The Makers of Burma

If you missed it in the news, there was a military coup in Burma on 1st February. The country has now been protesting for 34 days, and what was initially a largely peaceful standoff between the military and the Burmese population has now become violent. Lots of you have been following the brutal situation unfolding on our Instagram page, and if you haven't, you can catch up by clicking here.

We've had lots of messages from people asking how they can help. Our friend MiMi has put together an excellent list of links and resources. You'll find it here.

But the other thing you can do is directly support the people we work with by buying their products. To help with this, we've spent a bit of time making it easier for you to meet our makers and learn what they do. If you can, take a minute to read about them, and know that if you buy something that they've made, we'll order more from them straight away.

Life in Burma has been difficult for a very long time. COVID has made it a hell of a lot worse. And now they've had a catastrophic military coup thrown in the mix. It's hard for anybody in Burma to find much to hope for at the moment. So at least if we can keep buying from our makers, they’ll have some stability amid the chaos while they work out which way is up.

Here they are, doing what they do best. We can only hope that in time they'll get these smiles back. 

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